CBD is taking the medical world of science by storm, there is no question about it. This natural substance has already tremendously impacted the lives of many people, and has become indispensable in keeping a large number of medical conditions in check. In this article we take a closer look on cbd oil for anxiety.

Are you someone who withdraws from society because of Social Anxiety Disorder? Then know that you do not have to continue sitting in your bedroom wishing that you could join in all the fun around you. You can find help in CBD oil. It has already been proven that Cannabidiol can effectively control this condition.

Social anxiety disorder is a condition that induces irrational fear within a person of being among other people, because he/she is afraid of what others may think or say about him/her. If this description suits you or someone close to you, then read on:

The role of CBD Hemp Oil in the treatment of a great variety of mood disorders has been studied for quite a while now, enabling medical scientists to not only know that Cannabidiol is effective in the treatment of these conditions.

But to also follow the modus operandi that is followed by the substance when administered to a patient.

The research has enabled medical professionals to create a list by which they can precisely determine which medical conditions can be effectively treated by the administration of Hemp CBD oil.

Let’s take a closer look at the outcome of the study performed on the role and effects of CBD oil on social anxiety disorder in particular:

CBD for Anxiety

It would be honest to state that the studies performed on the role of Cannabidiol oil in social anxiety disorder have not yet been conclusive.

Most studies until now have been comparative in the sense that they were geared to compare the role and effect of CBD as opposed to other Cannabinoids, and more specifically THC, which is the most abundant Cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant. Although greatly beneficial in a purely medical sense, THC is also responsible for the psychoactive effect that Cannabis has on many users, and can therefore aggravate a condition such as anxiety.

CBD negates the negative effect of THC

Despite the fact that studies on CBD has been stated as inconclusive so far, there is a vast percentage of medical professionals that consider already existing proof of the medical benefits of the substance as more than sufficient to begin prescribing Cannabidiol oil to treat prominent mood disorders such as social anxiety disorder.

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Consider the fact that, in addition to its anxiolytic properties which are highly beneficial for treating stress and anxiety, CBD oil does not display the psychoactive effect that THC does. This should rule out any fear that it will “get you high”, should you decide to use it for anxiety.

In a recent study –

  • A group of 10 people was recruited for the study who have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder in order to study the blood flow to a number of different parts of their brain.
  • Half the group was given CBD oil while the rest of the group was given a placebo. As per the results, the group with CBD medical treatment were seen to have a reduction in the anxiolytic features.
  • The blood flow to different parts of the brain did also hint towards a reduction in the anxiolytic features in patients with CBD medical treatment.

In the light of the above one can safely assume that CBD oil does have a proven outcome if used against social anxiety disorder. It should have the desired effect, should your doctor prescribe it to treat your condition.

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