Are you suffering from discomfort and looking for answers as to how CBD may help you manage it? Perhaps this article can help.

Often body discomforts alert us to something that could be wrong with our bodies. It can be a pinching, throbbing, steady or aching feeling that may be accompanied with symptoms such as drowsiness, weakness or dizziness. Discomfort can be acute or chronic with acute discomfort being severe and lasting for short periods of time, whereas chronic discomfort can be severe or mild and present for long periods of time.

There are various discomfort treatment options such as medications, massage, meditations, and herbal options derived from plants. One such plant derived option that has recently emerged is CBD, or Cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in Cannabis sativa plant that also contains many other compounds called cannabinoids. People have shown interest in it due to its therapeutic abilities. Although it is obtained from marijuana/hemp, it is perfectly safe to consume as it cannot create intoxication since it contains less than 0.03% THC.

Numerous studies are beginning to explore and support it’s ability to reduce discomfort, tension and tightness in the body. Moreover, it is also believed that CBD can impart focus, calmness and clarity in lower doses, while provide calming, restful and anti-anxiety reactions in higher doses.

CBD for discomfort

Can CBD help with discomfort? Yes, but we are not sure how. Every person’s body contains a system called the “Endocannabinoid System” (or ECS for short), which is a complex cell-signaling system. Studies since the 1990’s indicate that cannabinoids both containing THC and non-THC CBD can interact with the receptors of this ECS system and may affect discomfort in positive ways. A review in 2018 concluded that CBD may help in managing different types of discomfort such as neuropathic variations or fibromyalgia without any side effects. This is how it is believed that CBD may help in managing chronic discomforts.


Different studies or animal models have investigated that how CBD may help manage arthritis. The results are positive in indicating CBD might help reduce discomfort and tightness due to arthritis, but more research is required to fully understand it’s potential.


We know migraines and headaches are very debilitating. Many people believe that CBD can be very effective for migraines but studies on migraines and CBD are very limited. The only handful of research that is present looks at CBD when it’s working together with THC. A study in 2017 indicated that if THC and CBD are used simultaneously, they may help in managing discomfort due to migraines.


Similarly, CBD is also considered as an option to treat cancer related discomfort. Just like migraines, the studies on this topic are also very scarce. However, the use of CBD for cancer related discomforts is only effective when it is used in combination with THC. Research has found that combination of CBD and THC in sprays may be effective in managing cancer-related discomfort.